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You must be pretty serious about exploring a project together, because really, who has time or cares about this stuff unless they are digging in to make a decision. Below is a sampling of my work.



OVERVIEW: I've been writing, designing and building websites for the past 17 years. Many things have changed, but one thing remains the same as I work with clients, the struggle to come up with content that meets search engine needs while simultaneously appealing to people. Below is a sampling of site builds I have completed over recent years and almost all went fast when I was also involved in writing the content. All samples below are sites that are 100% my own build. Some I created while the President of Leading Enterprises, Inc., some while serving with Pioneer News Group, and some as a founding partner at Markouture.  Check out my services on the Website page.

Website design Bozeman

I'm fond of this build because the site required so much data migration and challenged me to create a clean, easy to navigate interface while housing a large amount of information. The previous site was outdated and clunky to navigate. Peruse the site, you may end up booking a stay!

In this instance the company had numerous websites scattered across 5 states and representing 5 production facilities. All that information needed to be consolidated into a single company brand and online presence. 

Marketing help in Livingsto
Online Marketing Company

This site is in the middle of it's current build and will have private areas for member's only and public blogs and user interaction.

The home page was designed with high action and outdoors excitement in mind.

This great ranch, with pheasant shoots, clay sport shooting, and target shooting is located between Livingston and Bozeman - contact them to schedule your shoot and tell them Ginger sent ya for a $25.00 discount!

This site was a "bear" - Award Winning Author, Ben Mikaelsen contacted me after trying to communicate his vision to other developers, only to be frustrated. Hey, it happens to the best of us.


Ben, his wife and I were able to sit down over coffee for a couple hours and I listened to their descriptions and goals. I made them a deal, committing to build the first 3 pages at no charge. If it reflected their vision, then we would go full steam ahead, if not, I wouldn't charge them for my time.


The challenge was to appeal to 2nd thru 6th graders, yet still house teacher resources and an online store for Ben's books.

The site involved creating and editing video, designing imagery, building an e-commerce store and shopping cart and gathering, formatting and uploading countless teacher resources. It was a blast. 

Ben and Connie were a hoot to work with. Ben travels the country speaking at schools that benefit from his insights.

Later we built Ben's Anti-Bully site dedicated to the issue of stopping the bully mentality in our schools.

Disney has secured the rights to 2 of Ben's books and he is using his life energy and focus to make a difference in this world of ours. Thanks, Ben!

Website Marketing in Bozeman
Website Marketing in Livingston

West Yellowstone Star Newspaper

A newspaper website build is unique because there are numerous interactive elements and the site changes literally daily, meaning the back end must be organized and well constructed for owners to manage updates.

One of the features of this site is the interactive banner ads that are set up to record click thru rates, impressions and other analytics needed in the client's day-to-day operations.


Every site I create is configured with SEO and tracking in both Bing and Google to equip businesses to make educated decisions about their online presence down the road.

And here's more Website builds but definitely not all!


Design  &  Campaigns

Case Study One:

Go Figure Advertising Redirect

OVERVIEW: The Go Figure Weight loss and nutrition center in Bozeman, Montana was looking to appeal to a broader demographic and the previous ads, while at one time effective, were no longer catching the attention of consumers. Moreover, they struggled with conversion rates on their website. They had an excellent SEO set up, but once on the site, they needed to optimize user interaction to drive calls and sales.

SOLUTION: After listening to their story and assessing their current performance, I redesigned the look and feel of their website to appeal more to the target demographic. A re-write of the content on the site, incorporating clear calls to action, and building a follow up system was incorporated to drive more conversions. In addition, I wrote a triggered 7-installment email campaign to capture and engage site visitors who were exploring the program for weight loss and health benefits but were not ready to commit.

We implemented a new blend of before/after images with advertising that told an authentic and compassionate story with regard to the genuine challenges wrought in any weight loss journey. I incorporated fresh design that was visually inviting, departing from the predictable ads the marketplace had become desensitized to.

PROJECT SAMPLES: Note: If your cursor hovers on the image, the description will display, remove the cursor from atop the image and the description will disappear for ease of viewing. - Note: I am not displaying the client before/after ad campaign portion because I do not have personal image release from the featured clients, which was granted to Go Figure before we published the campaign. 

OVERVIEW: Burger King Corporate offices in Florida set out to take a significantly larger market share of the fast food breakfast market, targeting college towns and markets along the East Coast.

Case Study Two:

Burger King Plans to Dominate Breakfast Fast Food Market on East Coast

SOLUTION:  I designed a campaign to complement that initiative introducing a pilot product of flavored whips for dipping waffle sticks. Our target demographic was college students and young professionals on the go, particularly in the morning hours.


More Design Samples:

Below is a selection of work I have done over the years, from logos to ads, to marketing materials.

Logos: A logo should be symbolic in nature, or it can be more involved, reflecting the brand and the services or products your business provides.

Advertising: Knowing your audience and communicating your value proposition is key to success in ad design. Generally, I write the content as I design the concept and layout of advertising work I do.  Note: If your cursor hovers on the image, the description will display, remove the cursor from atop the image and the description will disappear for ease of viewing.

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