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What These Cool People,

Have to Say

How fortunate am I to rub shoulders with these talented, risk-taking, life embracing people? Seriously, it's a good gig. A big thank you to each of these clients for taking the time to give me a shout out, you make me look forward to work everyday.

Susanne Hill
Entrepreneur, Leader, Industry Pioneer

"Ginger has one of the most diverse and comprehensive marketing skill sets I’ve ever come across. Not only does she bring pleasant passion and creativity to every conversation, she can smartly break down a project step-by-step, ultimately showing you that things are rarely as complicated, cumbersome or costly as one might think. Whether it’s a website, social media strategy, event, marketing campaign, multi-media topic – this list could go on and on and on – Ginger is the first phone call I make. She’s a real, down-to-earth person with out-of-this-world talent. An absolutely priceless member of my team."

Erin Leonard
Business Owner, Designer, Publisher

"Ginger is all the good things.  Creative, smart, talented and driven. On top of all that, she won't stop until a project is just what the client wants.  I have worked with her on numerous occasions and in different forums and she always delivers and goes the extra mile to get everything right. I'd recommend her a thousand times over."

Empire Twin Theaters
Business Owner, Empire Theater

"Ginger is terrific at coming up with ideas to grow numbers of customers and understands how to get your business found online. We went from about 100 site visits a month, which were only on social media, to 3,800 monthly visits after she took over our online marketing.

She delivered on her promises and then some. I recommend her to any business wanting to grow. "

Dwanette Moore
Business Owner, Rancher

"Ginger was exactly what we were looking for to improve our business’ online presence. She listened carefully to what we wanted and tailored her solutions very specifically to our unique needs. The personal attention we got from Ginger, we could not have gotten from a bigger company. She gave our particular challenges a lot of thought and came up with a number of creative solutions. She gave us a thorough and detailed plan, communicated regularly, and took initiative to analyze and solve not only our current problems, but future challenges as well. We feel like we hit the jackpot when we found her!"

Stephanie Pressly
Business Owner, Director MSU

"Ginger built my website from scratch with great style and functionality. She also handled marketing pieces with clever design and copy writing. She’s helped coordinate events, provided social media training and management and loves brainstorming to help your business succeed. She goes beyond the extra mile, literally. When I had an issue with a client that could have resulted in significant loss of business, she came to the rescue, hopping in her car and driving 492 miles on Thanksgiving Day - Really. Plus, she loves dogs, enough said."

Ben Mikaelsen
Author, Speaker, Adventurer

“Gingerfy” is what she does. She made my website come alive for students that want to know more about an author’s life and what inspires the stories. Her enthusiasm for the project made my website fun, interactive and pleasing to the eye….yes it was “Gingerfied!”

Curtis Copeland
Business Owner, GIS Expert

"The energy that Ginger brings to a project is absolutely amazing. Her sense of vision is focused, determined, and exciting.  Her ideas are not only creative, but innovative and fresh. She helped us expand our business and I discovered her most impressive trait is her ability to interact with people. She's not only a well-spoken leader, but an excellent listener and problem-solver as well.  Her energetic personality directly impacts projects in a creative and positive way. You're going to benefit from having her in your court."

Lauren Silano
Business Owner, Neptune's

"Ginger is a true marketing creative on so many levels, she gets that marketing needs to happen across multiple platforms. Ginger has a unique skill set that allows her to combine the fun advertising that most people like to think of (think Mad Men) along with the nitty gritty, not as "fun" (but ultimately important) methods of advertising. She is the one woman show that takes all of these important marketing methods and comes up with a KILLER cohesive marketing strategy! "

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