Put simply. Promotion is showing off.

If you've got it, flaunt it - whatever "it" is.

Promotion can be as simple as posters on community bulletin boards, to nation-wide ad campaigns.

The point is, you have something of specific value to provide your customers and they need to see what you can do, which is what promotion is all about.


The difference between marketing and promotion is this: marketing is a long-term, never ending strategy that provides permanency and branding for your company - whereas promotions are usually short, concentrated campaigns that target a specific service, event or product. Over-promoting, particularly when you do not have a strong marketing strategy, is not only expensive, but it eventually works against you because you exhaust the attention of your audience.  Both marketing and promotions should be a part of your company presence in the marketplace.


From a design perspective, I have affiliate connections with some incredibly unique printers. Depending on your budget and what you want to accomplish, we can create interactive marketing or promotional pieces that literally pop up in your recipient's hand.


I will work with you to make your investment of time and energy a success. Well, that sounded business-predictable....let's change it to, contact me to make your marketing and promotional materials

THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY. Ah, that's better.


So, you need to get Noticed.

Is promotion, necessary? Yes.

Is it easy? Not really.


Writer for Hire

Marketing Materials

Brochures, business cards, post cards, mailers, flyers, you name, I've designed it.

Over the years, I've learned that it takes far more than great design and attention grabbing content

to gets results.

A firm grasp on specific industry trends and an understanding of the current climate for the industry are the most important elements in designing a marketing piece that actually resonates with

the target audience.

I've seen some impressive marketing materials over the years, but only those that speak to the heart of the problem or need really have any impact.

When I develop marketing materials, I get past the obvious, form and function, and get into the nitty-gritty of exactly what the value proposition is and why your customer should even care.

It's not enough to attract attention; you must deserve the attention.

I will help your marketing materials level up.

For those of you unfamiliar with gaming, let me assure you, level up is good, very good.

Copywritng in Montana

Mailers - EDDM

Yes, mail is still a thing.


In fact, in the marketing and promotion world, mailed print materials are now proven to perform at a higher rate of engagement than digital counterparts.

Current consumer studies indicate that nearly all people aged 45 and under have grown desensitized to digital advertising and promotion.


Getting a physical marketing piece in the mail is perceived as having greater credibility and value. I'm not making this up. The data comes from an exhaustive 2011 and 2016 marketing study

conducted by Neilsen.

I understand Every Door Direct Mail and Direct Mail rules and restrictions. I will help you design a relevant mailer.

We can use your own current mailing lists or use list services for targeted Direct Mail campaigns

that allow you to select demographic specifics.

Or, a more affordable avenue is to employ Every Door Direct Mail, selecting postal routes with the USPS API and targeting geographic areas within your market.

Whichever method is a good fit for you, I can make it happen.

Copywriting Services

PR  Campaigns

Public Relations is not for the

faint- hearted.


Generally, when a full public campaign is needed, I will refer clients to PR agencies that I know are fully equipped to navigate the press and the sea of public opinion. 

But if your PR needs are a little less demanding, for example writing and  distributing a press release,

I'm your girl. 

Truthfully, PR is less about marketing and more about your role in and relationship to your local community.

If you really want good PR, I suggest getting involved in charitable works and becoming an asset in community improvement initiatives.

Find a way to be a helping hand, and if you have employees, provide them one day off each quarter to serve in a local charity they care about.

Not only will you be contributing in positive ways, when you do have a PR-worthy announcement, folks will be more apt to hear your voice.

On a practical note, I have significant newspaper experience and know how to write in such a way as to get your item past editorial gate-keepers and into print.