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You're being judged. Ugh! But it's true.

Fair or not, your website is the face of your company online and people are going to judge how well you perform your key service or deliver your product based on the experience they have on your site. Even if a website itself has literally nothing to do with your core industry? Yep - that's the breaks. 

If you are that rare bird that enjoys research and analysis, have at it and read through all the  information below, or if you're ready to take action, you can contact me and we can visit about your goals and online needs right away - you'll likely get a free cup of java out of the deal.

I've been doing this for many years, keeping pace through computer language iterations, Google algorithm evolution, and

consumer behavior ​progression. I am qualified to help you achieve your online goals, regardless of your industry.

Pick Your Platform

Starting design with the right foundation.

Web design has come a long way since the days I built every page and navigational element in Photoshop, spliced the images and imported to Dream Weaver to translate into basic html. Yep, I used to do this back when I was still on dial-up. It was a cumbersome process.


The fact is, most website builds today are not all that complicated, what is tricky is finding a developer who has an eye for design, the marketing background to know what drives conversions, the ability to deliver responsive design for iOS, Android, and all mobile devices, and the SEO expertise to make sure you stay front and center on the web.


You can count on me to be honest with you as we evaluate your needs together. The parts you don't have time for or need help with, I will execute on. If it makes sense for me to do the entire project, I will and if it makes more sense to share the tasks, we can do that as well.

Equipping my clients to control their own branding and assets long term is a top priority. As a result, I am happy to build in Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Bootleg, Shopify or Flutter - depending on the best fit for your needs. If you're not sure what that is, I can help you decide. Every website building platform has pros and cons.


No matter what building tool we pick, making sure your online image isn't cookie cutter is a passion of mine.  If you need a top-performing site, that you will have complete control over - you've come to the right place. You can look at some of my website designs in the about section of this site.

Optimize for Search

Building your online presence.

This is the part of good website structure that is, in fact, more complicated. Gone are the days that you could merely maximize keyword usage and, Voila!, you were in good placement in search rankings. The variables that impact your ranking are fluid and the target moves as Google makes small adjustments to the way they score different elements.


There is a reason large companies dedicate full time staff, often an entire department to stay on top of search ranking. It really does require a consistent and educated effort to establish and maintain a strong presence on the web.

Let me help you achieve your online goals through a blended approach across multiple platforms that meets minimum scoring requirements and positions you to maintain your momentum long term.

Contact me today to learn more...hmmmm, "learn" doesn't sound too exciting, so let's change that to............... contact me today to DOMINATE the INTERNET - yeah, that's better. 

Engage Visitors

Structure inviting elements.

You're looking good. You're driving traffic to your site. Now, what to do with all those visitors?

Website optimization is a whole different animal than search optimization. An optimized website not only incorporates known best practices, which are based on concrete research, but also utilizes analytic tools to tweak the interface of a site so that user experience is ideal and the company is gaining engagement and conversions from the site.

In plain English, is your site building rapport and relationships that translate into sales and revenue? If not, it's just a pretty placeholder, and that is not the best - assuming you're in business to actually make money.

Engagement should drive people into a sales funnel, draw them into a higher level of connection, or keep your company top of mind in their world. This is not all that easy. Pop-ups, bait and switch tactics, and useless content have flooded the landscape of engagement making your audience even more hesitant and savvy - they have been burnt before - and frankly, who among us hasn't?


The key to authentic engagement is to provide something of actual value to your visitors. Whether it's a White Paper, which is merely a download full of relevant information, or subscribing to a Podcast full of useful insights from your industry. It can also be a one time quick connection, like a fantastic coupon code for your goods or services. Whatever your engagement tool(s), make sure it is both valuable and comes without any strings attached.

Let's get your site up to speed and increase customer engagement. Give me a call for a free consultation. Ugh - "Consultation" sounds so old-school and boring - let's change that to - Give me a call to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Yep, that just sounds cooler. 


Are you looking Good?

Your website IS your business,
no matter what service or product you provide.


Writer for Hire


Bottom line: you have to

look good -

it's a non-negotiable.


Implementing industry best practices, I will design a site that accurately reflects your brand, attracts your target audience, and is a stellar user experience.

When you and I collaborate on your website, whether we are building a new one or giving an old site a facelift, I will ask lots of questions and get to know your business well so that your site, quite frankly, rocks!

Copywritng in Montana

S.E.O. Performance

S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimization, which is simply how well your site performs in general searches online, has become more challenging in recent years as a result of increased volume of companies competing for the same space.


You can have a killer site, but if folks can't find you, it really doesn't matter much. You've heard location, location, location when it comes to successful business strategy, and the same holds true online.

If you aren't on the first page of results, your business lacks good online location, and that's not ok.

I participate in formal Google training annually, so I am always up to date on the changing landscape

within search algorithms.

Odds are, you need assistance in this area and I'm here to help.

Copywriting Services


Once you have S.E.O. conquered, and if you stick with me we'll take that hill, you need to make sure your site converts, meaning we want visitors to take action and become customers.

Engagement looks different for each business. How you gain engagement will differ based on what you offer and who you are offering it to.

For example, you may benefit from an email capture strategy that allows you to follow up with visitors. Or you may benefit more from white paper downloads, or you may be a better fit to host a YouTube channel

or podcast.

No matter, I will make sure your engagement is an ideal fit for your company.

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