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Years ago one of my business partners referred to projects I completed as being "Ginger-fied" because I tend to go the extra mile, often in non-traditional ways. The moniker just stuck and I rolled with it. Not because I think I'm better than cupcakes, but because I want to live up to highest standards.


Ok, ok.... full disclosure. That business partner was my husband and best friend, but other people, really important people I can't name drop here, have also indicated I tend to go above and beyond, they just didn't have a clever word for it.

So, anyway, that's why,

because I Gingerfy.

See how I rhymed there? Now you know I must be a real pro.


Or if you're a traditionalist, you could check out my previous work, client endorsements, and experience.


Contact me, let's get it done!




Working creatively to positively influence revenue and performance of  businesses and helping the humans that own those businesses have fun while doing it energizes me.


Yeah, I know every freelancer probably says that....but I really mean it, really. 


Not convinced,

even after two emphatic "reallys"?


Give me one conversation over coffee or whatever juice you dig, and I'll win you over. If nothing else, you'll have fun...and a beverage.


And who doesn't enjoy fun and a beverage?



Why should you hire me?

Did you not notice how smart I look in my glasses?

Actually, I'm selective about who I work with and I'm confident you feel the same.

If we work together, I'll listen, learn, get to know you and contribute to viable solutions for your business. I'm creative, I know what I'm doing, and I perform at the pace of business in a demanding marketplace.

Take a tour of my previous work, see what my clients have to say, and discover what

I can do for you.

Then, give me a call and let's get serious about your goals.

Challenge me - I'm ready.


And again, look at

those glasses.

A little info about Ginger

Ginger's Background
  • Put others first.

  • Be positive.

  • Be transparent.

  • Listen, be inquisitive.

  • Keep your word.

  • Nurture creativity and good humor. Especially good humor because it's better to laugh when things are falling apart than to sit down and cry like a toddler, or so I've been advised - but in my defense that was a really tough day.

  • Make kindness a priority.

  • Learn new things.

  • Do everything with excellence.

  • Exceed expectations.  

  • Find the awesome in people and situations.

  • Be thankful. 

  • When you fail, learn from it, get up and keep going.

  • When life gets overwhelming, get on a kayak, preferably one that's in a river, and pray. 

  • Explore all possibilities.

  • Give praise to a deserving person everyday.

  • Improve and grow - on purpose.

  • Apologize when you're wrong.

  • Pet dogs and smile at babies.

Personal Values


  • Founder & Vice President of Leading Enterprises, Inc., a multi-media marketing corporation.

  • Recipient Pioneer News Group 2016 Publisher's Award for exemplary performance in demonstrating industry core values and ethics.

  • Performed as designer and art director for over 20 weekly and monthly magazine and newspaper publications.

  • Design through concept of publications, packaging, and products.

  • Served as Director of Marketing & Business Development with Intrinsicorp, a GIS and software development company.

  • Award-winning developer and marketing campaign writer.

  • Alumna University of Maryland; Bachelor of Science: emphasis in English and Psychology. 

  • Design work for special campaigns including Burger King, Jim Stafford, and VIllaGIS.

  • Over 100 website builds and SEO projects.

  • Diverse wire frame and user interface development experience using Agile methodologies.

Way Cooler Experience

  • In 1982, completed all 10 levels of Frogger on a single quarter; (this was at an arcade for those of you born after 1985.)

  • Traveled the world ~ Visits include India, Taiwan, Mexico, China, Jamaica, Kuala Lumpur, Guatemala, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Spain, France, and Czechoslovakia, East Berlin (before the wall came down) among others.

  • Certified level 2 American Sign Language Interpreter.

  • Avid reader, completing on average two books a week.

  • Directed and co-produced a 145 cast member musical production in Branson, Missouri featuring the Polish Chamber Orchestra.

  • Paid a portion of college by owning a dance studio and teaching Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Hip Hop.

  • Worked as a Radio Disc Jockey for Fun Boy Radio in Germany in the late 80's and early 90's - got to interview Earth, Wind, & Fire.

  • Ran for President in the 7th grade, no - not class President, President of the United States of America.

  • Once conducted a corporate conference call a-top a Kayak while paddling down the Yellowstone River.

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