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Ditch What Hinders You

We all have things we really want to do. I'm not talking about trivial things, like checking out that new coffee shop in town, but valuable things, like learning a new language, starting a new business, or carving out more quality time with our kids.

But if we really want to do these things and they never get started, why is that?

Obviously, there are many potential reasons, but today we're focusing on alignment of priorities.

It is a truth that most people want to accomplish more or have more, or know more. It is also an unfortunate truth, that most of us will talk about it, dream about it, and wish upon a star, but fail to take required action.

Every human has 24 hours in any given day. Top performers don't get more time, so how do they get more done? I would suggest a big part of the equation is the proper alignment of their priorities.

Years ago, I had a number of huge projects standing in front of me. One that was close to my heart was producing and directing a Christmas musical with the Polish Chamber Orchestra and a cast of over 145 talented artists.

This was no small undertaking.

I found myself saying what we all say, "I just don't have the time!"

But, that was a lie. The truth was, I didn't have my use of time aligned with my priorities.

So, I took an honest, hard look at how I was investing my time.

As a side note, I refer to my time usage as an investment, rather than a spend because I believe in the principle of "you reap what you sow." Where you put your time and energy has far-reaching consequences. So, the term investment is more accurate.

As I reviewed my life, I realized that I was investing a good deal of time on media. Primarily it was TV, but I also indulged in fruitless surfing of the web, far too often.

I made a tough, but high-quality decision, to go cold turkey on TV and shut that sucker off, permanently. That was over 10 years ago and I have not once regretted it.

The time that freed up so I could pursue higher-vision items in my life has made a significant difference in my output and in the fulfillment of my dreams.

I was able to co-produce and co-direct "A Glorious Christmas to Remember" at the Grand Palace in Branson, Missouri. It was a joy and a blessing to meet all those phenomenal people and to bring that incredible talent together on one stage.

But I am no different than anyone else out there. We all have things we choose to focus on that stand in our way. I still have to re-assess often and re-direct myself.

The thing to remember is never quit improving. Make a quality decision to align your time investments with your priorities.

If you won't do it, I would ask yourself some hard questions about what your priorities actually are.

You have more time available than you think. You are in the driver's seat and you can make the tough decisions to free up your time for a better investment of your life's energy and resources.

In fact, as I write this, I realize I have a few things to re-prioritize and I am thankful for the freedom and power to make that choice.

So here is your little (or major) kick in the pants to wake up and take action.

Ditch those time-sucks that get in the way of the life you really want to live. You won't regret it.

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